Sugartearan Sacred Guardian

Costumes in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak are often used to explore otherwise untouched potentials in the lore for the game, whenever that be the past of a cookie, the future, or an entirely alternative universe (these are basically canon if you go into even the basics of the Time-Balance Department lore). This one is no exception -- Sugartearan Sacred Guardian is a look into when Sugarteara was at its prime, and Mocha Ray Cookie was just made the honorable guardian of the Sacred Pearl! She treats this duty with nothing but the utmost importance, and remains humble despite this. However, as with basically everything else about her, a few lines stick out as having certian, explorable importance and other implications. Multiple lines mention her role underneath the High Regent, which is Octopus known as Abyss Monarch Cookie.

source: cookie run wiki

Also, this one in particular. Sea Fairy Cookie, as talked about in another section of this analysis, is of the utmost importance to Mocha Ray Cookie. However, there's a certain somber feeling to be obtained from the idea of your hometown's power source being your god's sadness.

An Interesting Parallel -- Blueberry Pie Cookie

This will be short and simple, but when people ask me for a fun fact about Mocha Ray, I do usually default to talking about these parallels betwen the guardian of the sea and the guardian of the moon.

Both are modestly dressed, with a jewel on their heads. Mocha Ray's jewel points up, while Blueberry Pie's points downward. The two of them are guardians to a respective god, and very close to the gods as a result. They both have experiences with what could be considered the supernatural, with the Sacred Pearl, and Blueberry Pie being cursed.

It only feels so right to think of these two's simularities. Meant to be...hey, wonder who else was meant to be. Y'know, like Sea Fairy and Moonlight being together eventually once more. Sorry you kinda can't have a conversation about Sugarteara without mentioning what it was founded on ( UNREQUITED YURI).

Mocha Ray's Ties with Other Coffee Cookies

The definition of mocha is coffee with chocolate in it. There is a notable amount of cookies with coffee in their ingredient, both in Ovenbreak, Kingdom, and otherwise. This leads to their most notable similarty -- most of them are intelligent. Espresso and Latte are both professors. Cappuccino is a lawyer. Coffee herself is just some white woman.

Anyways, this is also lampshaded by Anglerfish Cookie...and said while Mocha Ray is trying to navigate a city she just got to, is unfamiliar with, while there is a power outage. A little mean, but the delivery of the line is also a little funny. Sorry girl.

source: living deep sea city cutscenes

I think Mocha Ray is of the same intelligence as any other coffee cookie, just not in a field where it is neccessarily used as much as the others. I don't think she's related to any of them through familial ties, though.

Everything Else of Note

sources: lotus wish event (2021), new year's 2022 event

One is a prayer, the other a wish to find Lobster Cookie again. There was one more of these, but I am unable to find any archive of it.

Hyeon is revealed as Mocha Ray and Spinach's character designers in a Youtube video introducing some of the artists. Also, GEDI, who no longer works for Devsisters, designed Lobster.

A well-hidden Mocha Ray buff in the update logs for the October 2021 update. Thank you, Devsisters, very cool.

On a poster in the background of a picture of Community Manager Rose, the two are seen as shown here.

Mocha Ray and Lobster appear on the left side of the art of basically every Cookie that was released in honor of the 7th anniversary of the game. They're also seperated from most of the cast, which is certainly a detail. Obvious reasons as to why.

Mocha Ray Cookie appears in at least two of the collection sheets in the game. The first one here is for the Lost City of Sugarteara event altogether, and can be obtained through having all of the cutscenes for the event unlocked. The second is completed when you have maxxed both her and her pet's level, as well as reached Diamond rank on her trial.

Mocha Ray also was in one of the restaurant mini-events. Her first comment when served is that the food's easy to carry around, but when served more than one time, she wishes that she could eat this with...well, the sentence is cut off, but you already know the answer to this. She misses them so much it's unreal.

As of the October 2022 update, Mocha Ray has a random chance to appear as a cameo in Randomized Breakouts, giving the player a choice that leads to either a points boost for jellies or obstacle destruction. The implications of this event are pretty interesting. What is a Sea Energy Jelly? Why would Mocha Ray trust what is presumably a stranger with the reconstruction of Sugarteara? And, of course, the reconstruction's delay because of how eagerly she searches for Lobster Cookie.

If you have screenshots of the following in English, please comment on the Neocities page for this website. In late 2022, CROB hosted another costume poll for the cookies, which included daily messages from the cookie you had voted for. Mocha Ray is no exception, reaching a surprising standing of around 80th to 70th place. Her messages are as follows (may not be accurate, translated from JP screenshots) -- asking about prayer, and then inviting you to pray with her.

With these mini-notes out of the way -- when I had initially released this website, Sugarteara's story was uncontinued for two long years, and I had little hopes to it ever being picked up again. This led to me drifting away from Cookie Run altogether. However, when I came back to Cookie Run at the suggestion of a friend in early 2024, I had found out that, while I was paying attention to other forms of media, the Living Deep Sea City update was released. I watched it unfold on my own pace, and I felt like something inside of me had been filled altogether by this. While the ending for that update felt rushed...I could not be happeir otherwise with this. To see Mocha Ray Cookie upheld again was nothing more than witnessing true beauty. For her to one day achieve her happy ending would make me outright blessed to watch it occur.